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In order to better suit their customers unique needs, AA Shield offers International Wholesale prices to those whose needs are a little larger amount of products than the standard customer.  This allows them to purchase high quality ballistics protection products without having to worry about extremely high cost.  Whether you are trying to outfit a police department, or simply wanting to experience the AA Shield experience for yourself, they are here to help you.

Customers can easily receive a price quote for large orders by submitting for an Inquiry Quote.  This feature lets you find out the price on exactly what it is you need and want, regardless of the amount, and receive a quoted price for larger orders that will be discounted compared to original retail prices.

This feature is just one more demonstration on how AA Shield is striving to become the industry leader.

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AA Shield is growing to the point that they are expanding beyond the borders of their home country.  This means that they are looking for long-term partnerships with companies that are also looking to progress and grow that are located in other parts of the world.

Currently, AA Shield is seeking established companies in the U.S.A. and Europe that have a desire to expand their inventory with high quality, triple tested ballistic protection products and that also have a desire to grow their organizations.  Together, the two companies will grow into not only a successful partnership that can offer their customers top quality products, but also to become industry leaders.

If you feel that your business is compatible with our products, are established in one of the mentioned areas and have a desire for inventory expansion as well as growth, contact us to learn more details on how to become a partner with one of the leading ballistic protection products companies.

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