AA Shield is quickly climbing the industrial ladder and will become of one of the leading suppliers of high quality ballistics protection in the world.  Through hard work and resolute commitment to providing their customers with the best possible personal ballistics protection, their market is rapidly expanding beyond the borders of their own country.  However, as one would imagine, conducting business in other countries can be difficult to say the least when your products are of this nature.  That is why AA Shield is looking for partners in other countries and regions that are just as committed to excellence as they are to grow with.

Currently, AA Shield will consider offers of tender from dependable sources that are interested in growing their businesses with us.  If you are interested in growing the AA Shield, send us your Request for Tender (RTF) and we will review them and respond as quickly as possible.  And please, only serious offers will be considered so ensure your RTF is reasonable and that you are able to hold up to your end of the tender.

Before sending us your RTF, ensure you have included the following items:

  • Description of the goods and services to be procured.
  • Conditions of the tender.
  • Evaluation criteria.
  • Conditions of the contract to include non-standard terms and conditions.

Ideally, submissions should be received not later than the Tender time 2 month

AA Shield looks forward in the future progress of both organizations and thanks all of those who have shown interest.  The future is filled with endless possibilities and they look forward to a productive and rewarding partnership.

We strictly adhere to laws established in China and International Laws.  Our specialized products will not be shipped, sold to, or otherwise processed to any country that is under a UN Arms Embargo.

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