About us

With high quality products developed under strict guidelines, AA Shield launched our line of body armor solutions and ballistic products in 2012 and has quickly become known as a reliableand innovative supplier of manufactured ballistic protection safety gear that enables our unique clients the resources to address some of the toughest ballistic challenges in some of the most hostile environments imaginable.our advanced ergonomic design gives our customers the best comfort and superior fit, even in the harshest environments. We know our clients demanding needs and are more than capable of ensuring those needs are met.

our wide range of technologically advanced protection products improve the quality of life of our customers by offering high quality ballistic protections products and increasing the safety and security of our customers.  This understanding of what is expected of us is one of the reasons our flagship products have become so successful:

  • The NIJ III-A Soft Ballistics Plate
  • The NIJ III-A Bulletproof Vest
  • The NIJ III Hard Ballistics Plate
  • The NIJ IV Hard Ballistics Plate

Providing personal protection products that are constructed of high quality materials that are considered by many to be the industry standard, AA Shield offers only the best:

  • Teijin Twaron = this unique material offers an ideal combination of chemical resistance, mechanical properties, thermal stability, and optimal durability.
  • DuPont Kevlar = Kevlar fibers are used for a variety of products but are most notably used for ballistics protection. Based on an equal weight basis, these innovative fibers are five-times stronger than steel.
  • UHMWPE = widely used in the production of ballistic protection, UHMWPE is a very durable fabric that is sandwiched between a thermoplastic film.

AA Shield stands by our commitment to not only our customers, but also to our products.  our expertise and experience enable us to continuously work towards providing more products and ensuring you have exactly what you need for mission accomplishment.

We have convenient online ordering as well as a dedicated sales staff that stand ready to assist you with customized service whenever you may require it and our fast delivery ensures you get your items in a timely manner.  Wherever your demanding profession may lead you, you can rest assured knowing that AA Shield will help you get there and back in one piece.  Are products are used by law enforcement, security personnel, and war fighters all across the globe; giving them the highest level of protection possible.  With this much responsibility, and this many people take relying on us,we take our job very seriously.



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